statement 1/1/10

Today in the electronic age of instantaneous communications, I believe that our survival, and at the very least our comfort and happiness, is predicated on understanding the nature of our new environment, because unlike previous environmental changes, the electric media constitute a total and near instantaneous transformation of culture, values and attitudes.
This upheaval generates great pain and identity loss, which can be ameliorated only through a consciousness of its dynamics.   If we understand the revolutionary transformations caused by new media, we can anticipate and control them; but if we continue in our self-induced subliminal trance, we will be their slaves.
Marshal McLuhan 1974
Using digital media and code creatively is the paradigm of being master of technology, not slave to it and if contemporary reality is sufficiently complex to sustain prolific modes and styles of image making, it is not whether the process is abstraction, conceptual, representational, scientific or virtual; but how successfully it informs, engages and transforms the spectator whose main source of cultural information is received via today's ubiquitous Digital Mass Media
I am now permanently working and researching in SecondLife – from my profile in SecondLife but slightly developed here:
I am particularly interested in how the Lacanian Triumvirate set against the metaphysics of virtual reality impact on 'life' in SecondLife and FirstLife.  From 1/1/10 I see myself as a Resident, not a tourist.  
Early next year I intend to aquire a non profit/educational region – and create  –  i.e. experiential reflexive phenomena  –
I carry the responsibility to attempt to use the medium creatively and intelligently – only when the research I am involved in has neared completion will I have a more valuable understanding of what I may bring to SecondLife that is valid and original (although there are many ideas in my head that constantly ebb and flow)
SecondLife must be the largest software programme ever produced and we are offered a huge amount of the code to use creatively for ourselves – for whatever we wish to do here.
I believe SecondLife is a medium – and what an event/phenomenon – to be able to live, work, explore and create and not just be – but become – in one's chosen medium !