the code

the text above is taken from Travels In Hyperreality by Umberto Eco

Umberto Eco’s A Theory of Semiotics (1976) is a critique of the theory that the meaning of signals or signs is determined by the objects (i.e. things or events) to which they refer, and is a rejection of the notion that ‘iconic’ signs must be likenesses of their objects. Eco argues that the meaning of signals or signs is not necessarily determined by whether they refer to actual objects, and he explains that the existence of objects to which signals or signs may correspond is not a necessary condition for their signification. Eco also criticizes the notion that a typology of signs may clarify the nature of sign function, arguing instead that any typology of signs may fail to explain how different kinds of signs may share the same modes of production. Eco thus argues that the correct approach to developing a unified semiotic theory should not be to propose a typology of signs but should be to provide a method of investigating how sign-vehicles may function as signs and to provide a means of understanding how sign-vehicles may be produced and interpreted

the other five codes are taken from Roland Barthes' S/Z
the 'text' Barthes worked from was of course literature – but here "text' could be an advertisement, a play, a song a lyric or film etc.